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SSP - Who can Claim

What am I entitled to?

SSP (Statutory Sick Pay) is for employed people and is paid at a rate of £94.25 per week (for tax year ending 5th April 2020) if you are eligible your employer will pay this as normal with your wages.

If you decide that you want to self-isolate to shield from the Coronavirus but have received no medical advice.


Whilst this may be a sensible precaution SSP will not be paid for unauthorised absences.

Those who are high risk and have been told that they need to self-isolate for 12 weeks


This is because there is an increased chance of the virus making you seriously ill, this is beyond your control so you will be entitled to at least 12 weeks SSP

If you have shown symptoms or a family member who lives in your household has had the virus you are entitled to SSP


You need to self-isolate to prevent the spread of the virus and the entire household needs to isolate for 14 days.

You have children who need to be cared for because the schools are closed


Employers do not have to pay for this reason and it is classed as an unpaid absence, if you have any holiday entitlement employers may allow you to use this.

If you are working from home because your physical place of work is closed


You are entitled to be paid in full for working from home.

If your place of work is closed and you cannot work or are not working from home


SSP is for those who are sick or at risk of passing the virus onto other people. If you are temporarily laid off you may be able to claim statutory guaranteed pay of £29 for 5 days.

If you employer has advised that due to the down turn in business your job is at risk


Your employer should try to retain as many staff as possible and furlough them. Staff on furlough cannot do any work for the company, furlough can last up to 12 months and you are guaranteed 80% of your salary. The employer pays this as normal with your monthly wages and can claim this back from the government (hopefully by the end of April 2020)

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