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Coronavirus SSP

A brief Guide to SSP during the Coronavirus

Statutory Sick Pay

With regards to SSP, as I am sure you all know, if you show any symptoms or have someone in your household who has or shows symptoms or if you are being advised to self-isolate because you fall into the vulnerable category you employer will pay you SSP.

This is currently £94.25 per week.

Any SSP relating to Coronavirus only will be paid from day 1 and you will not incur the normal 3 day waiting period.

Holiday is still accrued (earned) whilst an employee is on sick and any annual leave due can now be taken during period of absence from work due to the Coronavirus.

All employment laws prior to the outbreak still stand.

Those who are not eligible for SSP (earn under £118 per week) will still not be eligible and will need to claim universal credits.

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